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Suppliers of self-adhesive label raw materials such as Baijiu, beer, red wine and foreign wine

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Alcohol self-adhesive labels are label materials specifically used for alcoholic products, with unique design and functionality, which can effectively display the brand image and product information of alcoholic products.

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Product Name  Alcohol Label Material Label
Specification  Any width, can be cut, can be customized

Alcohol self-adhesive labels have the following characteristics:

1. High quality design: Alcohol self-adhesive labels usually use exquisite designs and high-quality materials, which can attract consumer attention, enhance the brand image and value of the product.

2. Alcohol resistance: Alcohol self-adhesive labels need to have good alcohol resistance, be able to withstand contact with alcohol without fading or deformation, and maintain the clarity and readability of the label.

3. Water resistance: Alcohol self-adhesive labels need to have good water resistance, which can prevent foaming and detachment in humid environments, maintain the adhesive performance and aesthetics of the label.

4. Anti counterfeiting function: Alcohol self-adhesive labels usually add some anti-counterfeiting elements, such as anti-counterfeiting codes, anti-counterfeiting marks, etc., to ensure the authenticity and safety of the product, and prevent counterfeiting and collusion.

5. Printability: Alcohol self-adhesive labels have good printability and can be printed with various printing techniques for patterns, text, and barcodes to meet the personalized needs of different alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol self-adhesive labels are a type of label material specifically designed for alcoholic products, characterized by high texture design, alcohol resistance, water resistance, anti-counterfeiting function, and printability. It can effectively showcase the brand image and product information of the liquor, enhance the market competitiveness of the product, and enhance the purchasing experience of consumers. We can provide you with various styles of alcohol labels, including ink, gold stamping, and embossed labels, to help create labels that perfectly represent your brand.

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