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PVC self-adhesive material labels are a common and reliable label material with advantages such as weather resistance, chemical resistance, adhesion, and printability. It is widely used in various fields, including food, beverages, cosmetics, medicine, electronics, etc

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Product name  PVC self-adhesive label Material label
Specification  Any width, can be cut, can be customized

PVC self-adhesive material label is a common label material, which uses polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the substrate and has excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, and adhesion. Our company can also produce various self-adhesive raw materials, including self-adhesive paper, BOPP self-adhesive, PE self-adhesive, PET self-adhesive, thermosensitive paper, writing paper, copperplate paper, special gloss paper, heat transfer paper, laser printing paper, synthetic paper, double-layer backing paper labels, clothing labels, cable specific labels, sealing labels, tea labels, beverage labels, medical specific labels, hand sanitizer labels, inkjet copperplate paper, inkjet synthetic paper High gloss inkjet synthetic paper, inkjet PET stickers and other materials are guaranteed to have the lowest prices. We welcome your inquiries

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Label for electrostatic film adhesive material

It is a material without adhesive on the back. The electrostatic film used in the labeling industry is mainly made of PVC material, which relies on the static electricity of the product itself to adsorb on the surface of the pasted object, making it easy to peel and stick without residue. Commonly used on very smooth surfaces such as glass, lenses, high gloss plastic surfaces, and acrylic.

Colored PVC self-adhesive material labeling

The material has strong flexibility and good weather resistance (high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, rain and sun resistance, corrosion resistance), making it an ideal material for indoor and outdoor advertising or signage applications, such as indoor and outdoor advertising and signage, electrical hazard and safety warning signs, car sticker materials, etc.

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Transparent PVC adhesive material

It is a special label material that uses transparent polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the substrate, with the characteristics of high transparency and good clarity.

White PVC adhesive material

Types of label materials
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Black PVC self-adhesive label material

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