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And paper adhesive material, is a kind of light texture, translucent state, soft and not afraid of folding material. Can be printed on the characters, the expression of cute pets and other patterns, posted on the notebook to record the hand account and mood. Often used for printing cartoon stickers, etc.

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Product name: and paper adhesive label material         Specification: any width, visible and customized


And paper adhesive " is a kind of adhesive adhesive material with paper as the substrate, usually used to make stickers, labels and decorations, etc. It combines the traditional texture of paper and the convenience of adhesive, which can not only convey the unique warm texture of paper, but also has the ease of use and adhesion of adhesive material. Due to its unique material and texture, adhesive and paper is widely used in the fields of packaging, handicrafts and stationery. Whether for the presentation of traditional and cultural atmosphere, or for practical and decorative needs, and paper adhesive can provide unique and high-quality solutions.Want to know more detailed adhesive paper, PVC adhesive, BOPP adhesive, PE adhesive, PET adhesive, thermal paper, writing paper, coated paper, special paper, hot printing paper, hot printing paper and other adhesive raw materials, please contact us


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