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Donglai laser printing adhesive adhesive label material is your first choice for printing

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Has good ink absorption performance, the surface material has good laser, ink jet printing ink absorption performance.

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Product name: laser adhesive stick material   Specification: any width, visible and customized


Laser printing paper, is a special treatment of white matte paper, has good ink absorption performance, surface material has good laser, inkjet printing ink absorption performance. It has a good flatness, suitable for the printing of flat paper, but also used for the use of industrial and commercial labels, such as the production of dull tags, price labels and computer printing labels.

Laser printing nonadhesive labels usually require special materials to ensure good printing results and durability. Common materials include PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and PP (polypropylene), which can produce high quality printing effect on laser printers, and have water, oil and wear resistance characteristics. Choosing a suitable material ensures that the label remains consistently clear and legible in different environments.


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