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Excellent material, excellent texture, strong stickiness, kraft paper has tough and broken resistance, can withstand large tension and pressure and not easy to rupture characteristics, often suitable for food and carton boxes and other outer packaging labeling application.

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Product name: kraft paper does not dry adhesive label material      Specification: any width, visible and customized

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This excellent product is manufactured to the highest standard of quality and texture, offering a rugged adhesive, perfect for all your labeling needs. Whether you are trying to label food or cartons, this kraft paper self-adhesive material meets your needs.

One of the main features of this product is its toughness and fracture resistance. Given that it can withstand more tension and stress without breaking, you can use it safely, knowing that it will not disappoint you. This makes it well suited for labeling applications that require high levels of durability and longevity. But that's not all, as yet. Donglai's kraft paper self-adhesive material also has a superior viscosity, ensuring that your label remains firmly in place even in a challenging environment. This means you can believe that this product can deliver durable performance and reliability, making it a smart choice to meet your labeling needs.Welcome to further communicate with me.


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