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Bullbutter paper adhesive material label factory direct

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Show translucent, smooth paper surface, strong permeability resistance to oil, water, waterproof, oil resistance, moisture resistance, resistance to a certain high temperature without deformation.

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Product name: butter adhesive label material       Specification: any width, visible and customized


Cow oil paper adhesive material commonly known as sulfuric acid paper, after special pulp to add special binder. Rol paper is usually a paper material, while adhesive is a sticky base paper, usually composed of glue and base paper. The two materials are generally not much related for practical use. Please explain the specific needs or background. I will try my best to help you find the relevant information. As a manufacturer, we can also produce PVC \ PET adhesive, double layer paper label, clothing label, cable label, sealing label, tea label, beverage label, medical label, hand sanitizer label, inkjet copper paper, inkjet synthetic paper, inkjet PET adhesive and other materials.To learn more, please consult.


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