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Fluorescent paper adhesive labeling material highlights your existence

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This product has a very good printing property, incomparable bright colors and excellent visual effect, making the label very significant. In sunlight, paper reflects color light and converts ultraviolet light into visible light and reflects it. Thus brighter than ordinary adhesive color.

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Product name: fluorescent paper adhesive label material           Specification: any width, visible and customized


Fluorescent paper adhesive material label it is widely used in daily necessities sealing labels, special labels in office supplies, electrical decoration labels, clothing textile surface labels, etc. Can be very good to attract the attention of consumers. It can produce compelling commodity seals, special labels for office supplies, electrical decorations, and even labels on clothing and textiles. Stand out from the competition with our fluorescent paper, it is sure to draw attention and make your product stand out on the store shelves.

Our products are not only visually attractive, but also of excellent quality. Our fluorescent paper self-adhesive material is made of the latest technology and the best materials. Its ability to reflect colors and convert UV light makes it ideal for noteworthy products, and its adhesive performance ensures that your labels do not come off. Believe Donglai for all your labeling needs, whether you are looking to enhance the visual appeal of your product or create durable and reliable label shipping, organizations, and more.


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