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Mesh grain glue bright silver PET irrelevant adhesive material manufacturer of the lowest price

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PET dry adhesive is usually used for the production of labels and stickers, with a bright silver surface and mesh back glue, suitable for the need for waterproof, wear-resistant and durable application scenarios.

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Product name: mesh glue bright silver PET adhesive Specification: any width, visible and customized Category: Membrane materials


Mesh glue bright silver PET adhesive label material, bright silver PET surface material with mesh glue and mesh bottom paper; the special mesh groove process can provide the good exhaust performance between the label and the paste, and perfectly solve the problem of labeling bubbles. Grid material belongs to custom materials, can be customized according to the demand, the main supply PVC adhesive, BOPP adhesive, PE adhesive, PET adhesive, thermal paper, writing paper, paper, coated paper, optical paper, hot printing paper, laser printing paper, synthetic paper, double bottom paper label, clothing label, cable label, sealing label, tea label, beverage label, medical label, hand sanitizer label, ink jet copper paper, ink jet synthetic paper, high light ink jet synthetic paper, ink jet PET adhesive materials.


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