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Transparent PET dictoadhesive label affixed with raw materials factory supply price is the lowest

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Transparent PET adhesive toadhesive label, made of high quality transparent PET material, transparent appearance, clear and easy to identify, and has excellent water resistance.

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Name: Clear PET adhesive Specification: any width, visible and customized Category: Membrane materials


Suitable for the packaging that needs to show the original appearance of the product, and can enhance the appeal and professionalism of the product. Durable, outstanding performance in a variety of environmental conditions. The printed content and patterns can be customized to meet the identification and positioning requirements of different products. High transparency: The transparent adhesive label made of PET material has a high transparency, which can show the original appearance of the product, making the product more attractive. Water resistance: PET material is water resistant, suitable for waterproof identification and labeling requirements in wet environment. Durable wear-resistant: PET adhesive label is strong and durable, can resist wear and damage in daily use, and extend the service life of the label. Customized printing: personalized printing design can be made according to customer needs to meet the identification and publicity needs of different products. Wide applicability: Transparent PET adhesive label can be used in the packaging and labeling of various products, including food, beverage, cosmetics, daily necessities and other fields. Donglai mainly specializes in all kinds of PVC, BOPP, PET and other adhesive, thermal paper, double layer bottom paper labels, clothing labels, cable special labels.


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