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Supplier of cable special transparent / dumb silver / bright silver PET nonadhesive label materials

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Targeted design of high viscosity viscosity, excellent initial viscosity and final viscosity, plastic substrate and relatively rough surface has a good paste effect, not easy to cause paste opening and other abnormal, at the same time has transparent luster, stable size, waterproof, good weather resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

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Product name: cable special PET without adhesive Specification: any width, visible and customized Category: Membrane materials

Cable special transparent PET adhesive label material is a label material specially designed for the cable industry, its characteristics include high transparency, wear resistance and weather resistance. This material is suitable for identifying all types of cables, ensuring clear and readable labels, and providing long-term resistance to daily wear and climate change. In addition, the transparent PET nonadhesive label material also has excellent adhesion properties, which can be firmly adhered to the cable surface, thus ensuring that the identification information remains clearly visible for a long time. This material also has chemical corrosion resistance, can resist common chemicals and oils, maintain the integrity and reliability of cable identification, is a professional choice of wire and cable harness label materials.


Cable special transparent PET without adhesive


Cable special dumb silver PET nonadhesive label material


Cable special bright silver PET nonadhesive label material


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