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Tire adhesive PET irrelevant adhesive material manufacturer of the lowest price

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A material with high strength and durability that is commonly used in making high performance tires. PET adhesive materials have excellent heat and weather resistance and are suitable for use in various environmental conditions.

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Product name: mesh glue bright silver PET adhesive Specification: any width, visible and customized Category: Membrane materials


Tire adhesive PET dry adhesive material, is a special formula of high adhesive adhesive material, dedicated to some more difficult and rough surfaces, such as tires. The special formula adhesive has excellent adhesive performance for the bending surface and irregular surface of the tire. The aluminum plating layer can prevent the volatile substances of the adhesive from penetrating the surface material and avoid the contamination of the label. The adhesive is a label material with very high viscosity, waterproof, oil prevention, not easy to tear, good weather resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. Can resist common chemicals and oils and maintain the overall quality and appearance of tires. Our company mainly operates a variety of adhesive materials, including adhesive paper, PVC adhesive, BOPP adhesive, PE adhesive, PET adhesive, thermal paper, writing paper, coated paper, special paper, hot transfer printing paper, laser printing paper and other materials.


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