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The most cost-effective color change Asia silver PET adhesive toadhesive raw material supplier

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PET material with uniform special coating, the color can be changed from dumb silver to bright silver. With excellent tear resistance, high temperature resistance, light transmittance resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, suitable for making a variety of resistance labels.

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Product name: color-changing subsilver PET without adhesive Specification: any width, visible and customized Category: Membrane materials


innovative label material with amazing color change effects. Its surface is coated with a special coating, which can present different colors along with the viewing Angle and the light strength, presenting a unique color-changing effect. This visual effect can attract the attention of consumers and increase the attractiveness and quality of the product. In addition, the color-changing subsilver PET agactoadhesive label material also has excellent weather resistance and high temperature resistance, suitable for a variety of environments and application scenarios. Whether used for packaging, promotion or product identification, the color-change Asian silver PET adhesive adhesive label material can add a unique visual effect to the product, enhance the brand image, and attract the attention of consumers. Our main business is all kinds of adhesive materials, including PVC / BOPP / PET adhesive, thermal paper, writing paper, coated paper, optical paper, laser printing paper, synthetic paper, double layer bottom paper label, clothing label and other adhesive raw materials.


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