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Types and Characteristics of Self-Adhesive

Types and Characteristics of Self-Adhesive

How much do you know about self-adhesive materials?

Adhesive labels exist in all aspects of our daily life. Different adhesive materials have different characteristics and uses. Next, we will take you to understand the types and characteristics of adhesive materials.


1. Ordinary self-adhesive
Compared with the traditional label, the self-adhesive label has the advantages of no need to brush glue, no need to paste, no need to dip in water, no pollution, saving labeling time and the like, and has wide application range and is convenient and quick. Sticker is a kind of material, also known as self-adhesive label material, which is a composite material with paper, film or other special materials as the fabric, adhesive coated on the back and silicon-coated protective paper as the backing paper.After printing, die-cutting and other processing, it becomes a finished label.

2. PVC self-adhesive
PVC self-adhesive label fabrics are transparent, bright milky white, matte milky white, water-resistant, oil-resistant and chemical-resistant product labels, which are used for toilet products, cosmetics, electrical products, especially for information labels of high-tech products.

3. Transparent self-adhesive
Transparent self-adhesive is a kind of transparent self-adhesive printed matter with adhesive properties, which transfers the formed patterns, labels, text descriptions and other substances with different properties to the high-quality transparent plastic film pre-coated with adhesive layer on the back of the printing plate under certain pressure.

4. Kraft paper self-adhesive
Kraft paper self-adhesive labels are tough and water-resistant packaging paper, brown and yellow, with a wide range of uses, including roll paper and flat paper, as well as single-sided light, double-sided light and stripes. The main quality requirements are flexible and strong, high burst resistance, and can withstand greater tension and pressure without breaking. It is suitable for making bags and wrapping paper.Depending on its nature and use, kraft paper has a variety of uses.

5. Removable self-adhesive
Removable labels are also known as environmentally friendly labels, N-times labels, removable labels and removable stickers. They will not produce traces when they are torn off. They are made of removable glue. They can be easily uncovered from one back sticker and then stuck to another back sticker. The labels are intact and can be reused many times.

6. Dumb gold sticker
The matte gold self-adhesive has a golden matte surface, which has the characteristics of gorgeous and eye-catching, noble and elegant, waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof, high temperature resistance and tear resistance. Applicable to chemical, industrial, machinery manufacturing, electronics and other industries.

7. Dumb silver sticker
The dumb silver self-adhesive label is a label printed by the dumb silver dragon self-adhesive, the dumb silver self-adhesive is also called the silver-eliminating dragon, and the dumb white self-adhesive is also called the pearl dragon. The main characteristics are that the label is unbreakable, waterproof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, and the material is hard. The glue is particularly strong. With the corresponding carbon ribbon printing, the label is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.

8. Sticker for writing paper
Writing paper is a common cultural paper with large consumption, which is suitable for official documents, diaries, forms, contact books, account books, record books and so on. Sticker, also known as self-adhesive paper and adhesive paper, is composed of surface material, adhesive and backing paper material. In fact, the self-adhesive label of writing paper is the same as that of ordinary paper, but with a layer of glue on the back.

9. Brushed gold/silver sticker
Wire-drawing self-adhesive label, with special metal texture, waterproof, oil-proof, unbreakable, wear-resistant, clear printing, bright and saturated color, uniform thickness, good gloss and flexibility.

The above is [adhesive material types and characteristics] of all the content, I hope to help you!

Post time: Jun-14-2023