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Liangkin PET nonadhesive raw material OEM / ODM supplier

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Bright gold PET material with uniform special coating surface, metal texture, excellent tear resistance, high temperature resistance, size stability and chemical corrosion resistance, suitable for making a variety of durability labels.

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Product name: Bright gold PET without adhesive Specification: any width, visible and customized Category: Membrane materials

China Label Sprinted Manufacturers

Bright gold PET adhesive adhesive label material is a high quality label material, its surface has a bright gold metal effect, can be improved The visual attractiveness of the product. The material has excellent weather resistance and wear resistance, and is suitable for a variety of environments and application scenarios. Its special metallic luster effect makes the label shine in the light, attracting the attention of consumers, and increasing the attractiveness and sense of value of the product. In addition, the bright gold PET nonadhesive label material also has excellent adhesion properties, which can be firmly pasted on various surfaces, to ensure that the label information is clearly visible for a long time. Whether used for packaging, promotion or product identification, Liangjin PET adhesive label materials can add a bright appearance to the product and enhance the brand image. Want to know more about other adhesive products, such as PVC adhesive, BOPP adhesive, PE adhesive, PET adhesive, thermal paper, writing paper, coated paper, coated paper, special light paper, hot transfer printing paper, laser printing paper, synthetic paper and other adhesive label raw materials.


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